Yup. Right now we are focusing
on the REBELL project. Check it out.

Photo: David Einar / Christopher Hunt

Please copy me and Pilo Bold Me* have in collaboration created the project Rebel, the project is suppose to give courage to Swedish creators. When Kenneth Pilo from Pilo Bold Me and Mattias Ã…kerberg from Please copy me was looking for rebels in the advertising industry in Sweden, they found none. Instead, they found the CEO of Teenage Engineering, Jesper Kouthoofd and the author, publisher and photographer Eric Ericsson.

- Jesper and Eric are both super interesting people who you rarely see doing interviews. When we met them, it became clear that they are alike in many ways: they are creatively driven, they have both left the advertising industry behind, they have a passion for the analogue, intimidated by the digital development and they both have a big heart and cares about society at large, says Mattias Akerberg in a press release.

Mattias and Kenneth call this collaboration digilogt, because it combines paper with moving image.
The filmed interviews can be seen on Please copy me and Bold Me and the written interviews can be read in the analog monthly newsletter Please copy me #16. The written interviews differ from the filmed interviews.

- We are simply doing an experiment, where we bring the analogue and the digital together, combining moving images with printed texts, says Kenneth Pilo in a press release. For us, it was important to give the reader and viewer a complete experience. Therefore, we decided to do different interviews for the web and on paper.

- With our project, we hope to instill more courage into Swedish creators. We want to highlight Jesper and Eric as rebellious role models that show that creativity is not connected to an industry, Kenneth Pilo continues.

* Bold Me comes from the minds of the digital agency Pilo Bold Me GBG.